I’ll Just Sit Here Counting Daisies

The world I physically live in, is not the world I mentally reside. Today, we have the “privilege” of accessing anything and everything by the swipe of a finger, or the click of a button. Technology has given us the power and freedom to voice our opinions and leak information about social and political events, behind the scene footage, and any other phenomena you could think of. While I enjoy being able to find information about topics that interest me, in the comfort of my own neglect for real life responsibilities, I find that most of what the world thrives on is negativity, catastrophe, and devastation.

As most of this nation is aware, the southeastern states of this country are currently struggling to overcome the potential loss of the ground beneath their feet. As a resident of Louisiana I have, of course, been watching and hoping to not be the next victim in this absurd coincidence of natural disasters. With all of these current events, it is understandable that I am surrounded by people who are hysterical, panicked, and unsure of how to cope with such powerful and hopelessly uncontrollable circumstances. However, after hurricane Harvey made his debut last week, for whatever reason, hurricane Katrina was brought up… again.

“Some things we have only as long as they remain lost, some things are not lost only so long as there are distant.”

-Rebecca Solnit, A Field Guide to Getting Lost

I, like almost all of Louisiana’s habitants, was effected by the unforeseeable craziness that arrived with hurricane Katrina. But the most annoying part about everything that comes along with such natural disasters is 1. people are always so stuck on the devastation and 2. they can’t ever let anything live in the past. The negativity kept inside of people -associated with any type of disaster, really- is so strong that the air lingering above this world reeks of it.

Through my own self reflection and self acceptance within my life, I have chosen to create a foundation based on learning from failure, creating from emptiness, and finding the light in any darkness. While I was in college I stumbled upon a wonderfully inspiring author Rebecca Solnit and through her poetic writings, I have been able to look forward to the snuggling that rainy days bring and magnify the sun’s rays when it is shining so magnificently.

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“Sometimes gaining and losing are more intimately related than we like to think.”

-Rebecca Solnit, A Field Guide to Getting Lost


  1. You just reminded me how distracted Ive been with life lately causing me to neglect my love for staring up into the sky. Cloud shapes, sunsets, blue sky, sun rise.

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