The Age of Sagittarius 

As we get ready to leave the moon of Sagittarius and enter into Capricorn I wanted to post a little about self reflection. I recently had my birthday on the 11th and as the earth starts its journey around the sun for my 25th year of life, I’ve been intrigued by the relationship between my personality and zodiac sign, Sagittarius. I don’t claim to be an astrology expert but I’ve always loved reading about zodiac signs and relating them to myself and the people in my life. It’s really crazy how accurate the readings can be and reflect so much about a person.

Here’s a little snippet of what the Sagittarius zodiac is for my fellow Sagittarius friends and anyone else reading this post.

Curious Sagittarius sends us on adventures to determine the meaning of existence. While enthusiastic Sagittarius help us take risks and big leaps of faith, we can end up bitting off more than we can chew. Under this sign’s influence we need to know our limits. The essence of Sagittarius energy is honest, fair minded, inspiring, optimistic, enthusiastic, encouraging, and dedicated. Negative expressions of Sagittarius energy can be argumentative, reckless, flaky, preachy, and tactless. What’s most brilliant about Sagittarius is its thirst for adventure.

Compared to the energy of Sagittarius, there are so many commonalities I see within myself. I am very much a dreamer. My head is always in the clouds and I act on my emotions. I am never grounded by one idea and I most definitely live one day at a time without ever planning.

It took a very long time, many years of searching and reflecting, to accept who I am, a little bit of magical star dust living as a person. Seeing how accurate my zodiac sign is compared to myself helped me realize I’m not alone and there’s nothing wrong with the way I am. My husband, God bless him, is fully aware of my free spirited, reckless self and accepts it even though we may not always see eye to eye. I believe the reason I am a creative artist is because of who I am as a person.

With this optimistic sign, every moment in life can seem like pure magic.

To me, life is magic. No day is the same as the day before or after it, even if you are the kind of person who lives in a routine. So I plan on making this life, the only life, as magical as I can! And I fully accept the responsibility and consequences that may come from living my life as the person I am.

[[ The pictures I included are a little bit of magic I got to bask in during some snow fall in New Orleans, Louisiana on December 8th of this year!!!]]


    1. True! The fire signs usually are enthusiastic, have many interests, like adventure/spontaneity, inspire others, and we’re usually friendly and outgoing. We’re usually impatient, haha, so I think aries, leo, and saggitarius all understand that about each other.

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