Reload, Revive & Really Live

Tis the beginning of a new year, the year 2018. Twenty Eighteen! It’s the time of year many of us reflect on last year’s memorable and horrible moments, and all the times we ugly-cried (there were many ugly-cry moments for me). This is also the time of year we set new goals to reach and have new hopes for more love, peace, and acceptance during this new year. I already have a little self reflection post, The Age of Sagittarius, for 2017 and I have been giving my hopes and goals for 2018 a lot of thought and would like to share them.

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2018 will be the first full year I get to watch my babe boy grow, even though he’s already doing that way too fast. I know I will learn a lot this year from watching him blossom into an inspiring, living soul. Even though motherhood will be my main focus from now until the rest of my life, I have thought of a few ideas to work on myself and spend more time creating this year.

My first goal for 2018 is something I’ve actually been working on for about a week now. I need a physical outlet to strengthen and calm my mind, body and spirit. you’ve probably already guessed that its yoga. I used to play around with some stretches a long time ago- pre pregnancy- but never fully researched and understood everything it takes to really embrace yoga as a practice. During my yoga journey I will share some of my favorite postures and their benefits with you, and hopefully show some of my progress along the way. I carry a lot of stress on my shoulders- physically and metaphorically- from myself and from others that I need to learn how to absorb and let go of in order to live a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

Another goal I have for this year is a little revamping for my blog. As I mentioned before I plan on sharing my yoga journey with you, however, I would also like to create a more open, communal atmosphere on my blog in the form of sharing creative projects and ideas, and also opening my blog up to become an inspirational book club. Let me expand on these a little more.

I will be diving back into my creative self this year starting new projects and creating! creating! creating! I will share anything from big mixed- media work (what I specialize in) to simply photographs I take voyaging through this year. My hope is that I will inspire you all to pick up a camera (even just your cell phone), a paint brush, pen/pencil, literally ANYTHING and create or simply document the things you love to see or enjoy doing. I encourage you to then share in the comments or you can email me pictures and ideas so that we can start a creative community through my blog.

Going back to my inspirational book club idea. I never was big on reading (thats dumb, I know) until I got to college. I always wished I had been more interested in reading but I think my problem was I was more intrigued by physical activity. So anyways, when I was going to college for my undergrad in visual art I had many amazing professors who opened up a new world of reading to me. The books I read were creatively written and were inspirational about the natural world around us (my forever, ongoing muse). I would like to have weekly or bi weekly posts about parts of a book I am reading and share my thoughts about it with you. I would also like to somehow include pages from the original text in my reviews so that you can read along and comment your thoughts, opinions, and emotions from reading the text. Recommendations for books or writings on similar topics or ideas will of course be welcome and we can read and review them together here!

The goals I have set for myself will encourage me to be a better blogger and stay on top of providing you all with more content and keep me inspired through this new year! A new year brings new and endless possibilities! It opens new doors and closes tired ones. Please join me on this journey to create and to live creatively!

Happy New Year!!!


Share your goals for 2018 in the comments!


  1. Hi Jena!

    I wanted to get back to you about the opportunity to collaborate for an illustration. Here is something I have been working on. What do you think, does this inspire any of your creative illustrative juices?

    Absence. Sometimes the absence of a thing spins a circle of wholeness. A silver spear plunging into the verdant rivers spiderwebbing across my landscape; forbidden footprints trespassing in rainbow globs along my hide; unyielding faces blurring into kaleidoscopic mouths reprimanding broken bodies; incriminating mirages dragging untellable tales from their graves.

    The delicious liberation from these once habitual hauntings I treasure, clutching to me the delicate tendrils of possibilities they nourish.

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    1. Yes email will work perfect! I can send you a PDF or JPG whichever is easier for you to upload to the blog. Would you mind if I also use my image as a post on my blog talking about our colab and tagging your post in it?


    1. Oh, I am so excited! How amazing it would be for you to create something original for one of my writings! That would be such an honor. Let me think about my upcoming posts and I will get back to you!

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Same to you! I hope this year brings happiness and love to you and your family. Thank you for reading over my post and joining me on my journey! I look forward to reading more posts from you as well! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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