Stitched Landscape

Hey guys! I am excited to be able to share with y’all my first collaboration on the blogosphere with fellow blogger, Bria Cadbury. If you haven’t already, you should click on the link to her name and visit her website! Bria has a very painterly way of writing and her posts examine a unique perspective on chronic illness. Collaborating with her was a new and very exciting project for me. The use of imagery in her writing made it impossible to not be inspired to create something visual. Stitched Landscape was created specifically for Bria’s Tick Talk site. You can view our collaboration project on her blog post, The Beauty of Absence.

This piece was produced with my most common method of art making, using mixed media. The main composition is a non representation of a landscape using watercolor. Contrasting threads interrupt the harmony of earth-toned watercolor, creating webs that force the viewer’s eye to move about the page. The sharp corners of thread combined with fluid movement of watercolor create multi-layer texture, dividing the composition like a kaleidoscope. Flecks of copper leaf are added to entice the viewer and provide another layer of texture.

I look forward to creating more collaborations with my fellow bloggers. Please feel free to check out my latest creation on The Beauty of Absence, and provide any feedback on the project. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out and pitch a new idea with me!

Peace, Love, & Creativity!



    1. Thank you so much! I feel like when I explain my thought process it helps people understand and connect better with my work! I’m so glad we connected, too! I never would’ve imagined being able to collaborate so soon in my blogging career

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