That New Mom Smell

Mommy life has been a bit rough lately. I have straight up been a zombie for over two weeks now. I’m talking wake up and not leave the bedroom until almost 2:00pm because my poor baby boy is so fussy and uncomfortable. Today we went to the pediatrician for his four month “well” visit. I say it this way because what I thought was another run of some bad colic and growing pains ended up being a double ear infection and a possible need to change formula again because of a milk intolerance.

(You’d never know he’s feeling bad with this smile)

Needless to say I’ve been one sobbing, overly exhausted Momma looking like a train wreck, smelling like all the baby things (so attractive). On top of that, it’s wedding year for pretty much everyone we know, and half of the weddings we’ve been invited to we have been asked to stand in.

Last week I had to get fitted for a dress for one of the weddings I’m a part of. Let me just say when you feel like I’ve been feeling, as mentioned above, you definitely would be more comfortable in leggings and over sized t-shirts covered in spit up than a bridesmaid dress. It’s a shame, though, because I used to love dressing up and feeling fancy before my Mom bod. Don’t get me wrong, I am so thankful for this Mom bod because it gave me a beautiful baby and being pregnant was one of the best experiences ever! But, there are self improvements I’m trying to work on to be healthy and fit, and basically feel good about myself when I look in the mirror.

All of this to say, after my traumatic (a little over exaggerated) bridesmaid dress fitting last week I decided, since yoga has been out of the question lately, that I needed to do something to refresh and reboot. So yesterday I decided why not do an easy at home hair mask to make my locks feel luscious and pretty, and cleanse my scalp of all the dry shampoo (a Mom life essential). It needed to be something quick and easy so I could tend to my fussy little baby easily.

I ended up using a cup of coconut milk (the kind you find in a can in the international aisle at Walmart) and a few drops of peppermint essential oil. I massaged most of it really well on my roots and scalp and rubbed the rest onto my remaining locks. The mask was only in for ten minutes, and when I say I felt like a completely new person, I absolutely mean it. The peppermint made my scalp feel so refreshed and revitalized and my locks feel luscious and soft!

So for anyone needing a quick pick me up just to feel refreshed and rejuvenated, try this hair mask. It really does make a huge difference when your head feels yummy and fresh!

I really hope y’all try this! I will definitely do it once a week now to help with that new Mom smell!

Peace and serenity!


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