The Super Blue Blood Moon

I have a not so secret, secret obsession of the night sky. It’s dark veil covered in shimmering glitters and it’s mysteriously lit moon. But why is it so enchanting and mysterious?

Maybe because it gives us a glimpse of what is out there in the cosmos, beyond our atmosphere on Earth. Maybe the map of the stars, revealing folk story legends and constellation art makes me look up in awe and wonder. Or maybe, because I can’t sit and stare at the sun in all of its blistering glory, but I can actually sit and stare at the moon until it hides once again behind cotton candy clouds.

I’ve taught myself that life can be more enjoyable keeping your eyes to the sky instead of hiding your face looking down. Although there are beautiful sites to be seen on Earth’s floor (flowers, oceans, scars from layers of rock, etc.) the sky has something more enchanting about it.

Maybe it’s because the sky is only physical in the sense of the word, and not a tangible thing. I would catch the morning and evening clouds, painted with the colors of sunrise and sunset if I could. I would capture the glittering stars and use them as a nightlight, if it were possible.

Tonight there is a special occurrence in our night sky. The moon is a blue, super moon- meaning it is the second full moon of this month and it is at it’s closest position to the Earth. There will also be a total lunar eclipse at sunrise, which makes it a blood moon. According to our history, these three events haven’t coincided in over 150 years! If that’s not impressive then I don’t know what is! My husband leaves for work and me and baby are awake at the time of sunrise, so I will be sure to go peek at the blood orange occupying the sky for a few wonderful minutes.

I attempted to get a picture of this super blue moon tonight and with all of the cameras I have in my house, I don’t have an accurate lens to really capture the beautiful moon. I did by accident get this reflected glare from sticking my iPhone camera up to binoculars to get a better look. Its kinda cool anyway I think.

So I hope all of you get the chance to bask in the moonlight tonight, I’m sure it is going to be one definite sight to see.

Sweet dreams fellow stardust ✨




    1. What an honor!! Thank you so very much for this nomination! I am so overjoyed to know my words speak to you in a special way! Thank you for the nomination and thank you for your support as a follower of my blog and a fellow blogger!

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