Liebster Award

When I started this blog, it was purely intended to be just another website to showcase my artwork. I’ve always loved writing as a way to express my thoughts and feelings, but never dreamed of starting a blog. After writing my first post Love, Cats, and Cacti something just clicked and I knew becoming a blogger was something I needed to do. I thoroughly enjoy my corner of the blog world where I can share with y’all my life and experiences, thoughts and feelings, and also be inspired by all of you and your blogs.

I have been in existence on the blogosphere since August 2017, and even though its still a baby bud, I am so excited about how my blog is blooming into a wildflower. With this, I am beyond stoked to have been given my first award, The Liebster Award!! To all of my followers and readers, I am truly grateful knowing their are people who enjoy my writing and who look forward to reading my posts. And to Bria Cadbury, I am ecstatic about the connection we have made through blogging and am humbled by your nominating me and that you are captivated by my words.

Because I’m that kind of person, I would love to include ten random facts (in no particular order, except number one) about myself for ya’ll to use against me one day… haha

  1.  my family is my life!!!
  2. I have an obsession with house plants and indoor string lights
  3. my favorite season is fall
  4. I love going to live music concerts
  5. I was in choir throughout all of my grade school years
  6. I was also a MAJOR athlete my entire life up until college
  7. antique/ flea market shopping is the bomb!!!
  8. if i didn’t go to school for art I think I would’ve gone to be a geneticist
  9. one day I hope to live in a cottage house with tons of windows
  10. one of my ultimate goals in life is to travel the world.

I would like to nominate the following bloggers for The Liebster Award because of their ability to captivate me through their writings and their personal style. I love the personality in their posts and how genuine it feels to read them.



My ten questions for you lovely bloggers, if you choose to accept this award and answer these questions, are…

  1. Would you rather be someone’s sun or moon and why?
  2. Which would you rather watch, the sunrise or sunset?
  3. What is your ritual to begin creating/writing?
  4. What/who inspires you in life the most?
  5. What movie genre would you consider to be your personality? (i.e. I’m a hopeless romantic)
  6. If you could grow a garden, would it have flowers or fruit/veggies?
  7. Would you rather cook or bake?
  8. If you could have one wish what would it be?
  9. What artist would you want to see in a live concert?
  10. What’s the youngest memory you have of your past?

If y’all decide to answer these questions don’t forget to send me a tag in your post answering them so I can take a peak! And you can find the rules to the 2018 Liebster Award here.

Once again I would like to thank the academy… I mean, Bria Cadbury for this wonderful nomination and to those who stop by to check out my blog.

And in the wonderful words of Al Green

“Love and happiness” to you all!



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