Our Place, Is Where We Are

We all have a purpose, a destiny to fulfill in our lives. We slam into the brick walls of figuring it out a lot more than we land on that track of destiny. But is not the journey as important as it’s last piece? Spending life living through fate, not realizing we are, is how now gets lost in the final destination.

I’m living my purpose, I truly believe that. Going through the growing pains in life I have tried to fight it along the way, but this is the life I’m meant to live. How can you begin to dream of what you will go through to live out your destiny when all you are is innocent? When does innocence leave us to deal with the heaviness of our divine intervention?

How could I have ever known this is where my purpose would send me? We make plans, set goals, and live fighting to reach them. But my goals and plans were changed. My life calendar is missing checks by some tasks. I have checks next to new things I wouldn’t think I deserved before.

My destiny sent me to marry a man who lives with a fatal illness. Something you wouldn’t describe when you draw the picture of the man you’ll marry when you’re just a girl. It has sent me through the struggles of conceiving a child through in vitro- a part of my life I was never sure I wanted.

The purpose I have in life was always meant to be the wife of a strong-willed man who lives his life in spite of his illness. I was meant to be the person who could love him with no handicaps. My purpose was to be the mother of a baby boy who lives only through the help of science. A sweet baby who stole my heart and whom I could never imagine life without.

And along my journey of fate I still don’t know what lies ahead, but I understand that I have a place. And my place is here and now. I’m living the life I was meant to live, my best life. The one I couldn’t plan for or dream of, the life I never knew existed.


    1. I appreciate your feedback! I’m glad you enjoyed this post! I’ve been trying to really hone in on my style and voice through my blog so I am pleased that you think this. Thank you!


  1. I admire how you accepted the way things are and have an optimistic attitude about how things turned out. There is a relatable truth to your story: sometimes life doesn’t happen as you dreamed or planned. I admire your strength.

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