Dreaming of the Ocean

Happy St. Paddy’s Day, loves! I wanted to share a little work in progress painting I started. I’ll update this post with the finished product (if it ever gets there). Since I mentioned in my post Reload, Revive & Really Live how I would like to make more work this year, I figured why not show y’all this little one I recently started.

One of my favorite things about creating new work is the processes I use and how the work transforms as I go. This little acrylic painting is inspired by my love of the ocean and my spirit animal, a mermaid.

One of my favorite coffee cups says “in my first life I was a mermaid”.

This was my first layer. The hardest part about creating something new is deciding what my first mark will be. Will it start off heavy and bold and then fade into something softer or will I start with soft, light textures and colors and build on them? A blank piece of paper can be the most intimidating thing, EVER!

When I was in school, my work started with a film photo that was printed onto matte art paper. But now that I’ve graduated, the resources I would need to continue working in a similar way are hard to come by and are a little on the pricey side. Paint has become an easier medium to use at home. I love the textured look you can get from using thick layers of oil paint, but I kind of hate using it personally. I’m an impatient person when it comes to letting paint dry in between layers so acrylic is more convenient. The colors stay more vibrant when they are mixed while the paint is still wet. I never figured out how to do that with the wet on wet process using oil paints.

This is how my painting ended up when I had to stop working on it. Rhys was only intrigued for a few minutes watching me paint so I had a small timeline to work.

I’m not sure where I’ll go with it from here, but I do know I will most likely incorporate stitching into it somewhere. I love using thread as one of the textures in my work. I am also debating on using glitter somehow only because mermaids always need glitter, and I have never experimented with it before in my work. I think the texture of shiny against matte paint and the gritty texture of glitter could be a nice addition to a painting inspired by the ocean and mermaids.

Keep an eye out for the finished product! I’ll repost this post with a picture of how it ends up. I often feel like my work is never finished, but I usually don’t revisit it again for a little while because staring at the same piece for too long can make it become overworked.

Have a happy weekend!



Here is the finished product of what I started. I didn’t like where it was going during the original post so it took me a little longer to figure it out. But, I have to say i am very pleased with how it turned out!

I added some stitching and did some doodling and line work with a sharpie. Then I added the copper acrylic paint and gold glitter. And VOILA!

Here are some close ups of my favorite parts of this piece. I hope y’all enjoy!




    1. Aww thank you so much!!! That was so incredibly thoughtful and sweet of you to nominate me!! I will write a post on it and tag you so you can see my responses. Thanks again so so much!! 💕😘

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