Mermaid in Space

Hello beauties! As promised, I have updated my last creation post Dreaming of the Ocean with the completed piece! It took me a while to get into finishing it because I didn’t like where it was going. So please go check it out! I am so pleased with the final product.

Also! Here is my newest work that is complete for your viewing pleasure. It reminds me of space.

The spheres were created using watercolor and fine glitter. I also splattered some watercolor for added texture and to bring more of it into the composition. There is a light wash in the background (you can really see it in this first progress picture).

Then I started using sharpie to add some sun-like mandala designs to the spheres.

Finally I added some line work with the sharpie. I filled in the space around each sphere using copper acrylic and filled in some of the line work with light blue glitter. I also added some of the light blue glitter to the spheres for more dimension.

These are my favorite close ups of this piece.

I hope y’all enjoyed this one! I had fun making it!

In the words of Mork and Mindy

Nanu Nanu”



    1. Thank you so much! It’s my pleasure to share! I feel like people who don’t know you as a person can better connect with your work as an artist when they are given some sort of background knowledge or process to go off of.

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