Here Comes the Sun

And I said ‘It’s alright’.

Hello little darlings, and welcome new followers! It is such a lovely Thursday, the sun is definitely out to play, so what a perfect time to share some fellow blogger love with my second Sunshine Blogger Award!? I am so grateful to continue developing relationships with new, wonderful bloggers, and to be able to provide content that my followers still enjoy reading. Thanks a million, guys!

I was nominated for this award by the ever so sunshiny Carol from Born Into The Wild Life. She writes about her personal experiences and situations she encounters throughout her life. She speaks from her heart with no apology, and so I find her posts brave and openly honest. PLEASE go check out her blog as she is such a lovely person to connect with!


Sunshine Blogger Award Rules

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog
  2. Answer the 11 questions they asked you
  3. Display The Sunshine Blogger logo in your post
  4. Nominate new bloggers and give them 11 new questions to answer

My Answers

1. Do you have a favorite pair or pairs of socks. if so, which ones?

I honestly only wear socks when its cold outside, but when it is cold and I do wear socks, I love wearing thick ones that you have to scrunch down with boots.

2. If humans naturally had colorful hair like in cartoons and anime, what color hair would you choose?

I would want my hair to be a mix of colors like blue, teal, and purple so it would be like mermaid hair because, let’s face it, my obsession with mermaids is REAL!!

3. If you don’t leave the house, what do you wear all day?

This question kind of depends. I’m a stay at home Mom so I usually only leave for groceries, doctors, etc. I’ll normally wear a t-shirt and leggings at home and throw on a dress if I am planning on going out that day.

4. Do you have any pets?

We currently have two cats. One very old lady cat who is terribly fat named Kiki, and one very sweet and energetic boy cat named Pursilla. Yes he has a girl name- we thought he was a girl for a long time before we actually checked and since he answered to that name we kept it. We mostly call him Sill or Silla.

5. What’s your favorite home cooked dish?

My favorite home cooked dish is probably my Mom’s gumbo or roast and gravy.

6. Do you have piercings? If so, which ones?

I have two lobe piercings on both sides, a rook on the right and a cartilage on the left. 

7. Have you ever gone skydiving?

I have not, but I would love to go at least once sometime in my lifetime. I think it would be an incredible experience!

8. Do you have any tattoos?

I have four tattoos total. One is on my right foot and says “Breathe Easy”. It’s for my husband who has Cystic Fibrosis. I got it while we were in Pasadena a few years ago. I have one on the inside of my right arm that says “Ink and Pressure” with a printmaking squeegee inside of a floral frame. I call it my artist tattoo. I have a dandelion tattoo on my right side that says “Let the beauty we love be what we do” which is pretty self explanatory. And my first ever tattoo is on my left side and it’s a cute little needle and thread. It’s sort of a symbol for creating yourself and also goes along with the art side of me (I incorporate stitching into most of my work). 

9. What is your least favorite chore?

Before I became a Mom I would’ve said something like dishes or laundry and now I would much rather do those and not ever have to wash a bottle again!

10. If you had the choice to learn any language fluently (including reading/writing), What would it be and why?

Hmmmm… this is such a good question. There are so many languages I wish I could learn just because learning about other countries and cultures is so interesting to me. I would love to learn some of the many languages of my husband and I’s friends. We have friends from India who speak gujarati and I would love to speak and write in their language. We also have friends who speak Spanish (one is from Puerto Rico) and even though I took Spanish as a foreign language in high school and college I didn’t master it. And I think learning Latin would be another great one because I think it is a beautiful sounding language. It is also the base of a lot of languages.

11. What is your favorite fruit?

I love fruit in general, but I think my favorite would be watermelon. It is so refreshing and crisp and not too sweet.

My Questions

I’m gonna do this a little different my second time around. I would like to invite any of my readers/ followers to answer my 11 questions in the comments of this post. Then, I wish you all accept my nomination and do a Sunshine Blogger Award post of your own! There is something sunny about each of you and I would like to share this with you all!

  1. Where do you retire to after a long, stressful day?
  2. Are you a lover of coffee like me? If so, what is your favorite cup of love to drink? If not, what is another comfort drink you love?
  3. If you could be with anyone in the world, right now, who would it be?
  4. You’re running late this morning. on your way out you forget to grab your phone. what do you do?
  5. What is your favorite past time?
  6. How was your day today?
  7. Would you rather be somewhere on a beach or somewhere in the mountains?
  8. Write the first thing that pops into your head, for each of these words: SKY, FAMILY, LIGHTS
  9. What words of wisdom do you wish you would’ve known when you were 18?
  10. Describe yourself using four words.
  11. How many fingers am I holding up?

Thanks for reading! I hope you all have had a wonderful Friday Eve. Makes sure to send out lots of love to the Momma’s in your life this Sunday and every day! Thanks again to Carol for the nomination, I deeply appreciate it!! Everyone do me a favor and please go check her out!!

Much love




  1. Yeah we do henna on special occasions and it actually needs practice to get them so beautiful. The henna designs keep evolving everyday! Keep practicing on paper to get a hang of it. That is how we learn initially. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh no! My husband has a few, too so he was on board for mine. Do you get henna done for special celebrations and events? I would love having henna done to my hands and feet all the time! I did it once to myself and it is so hard to get it as beautiful as I’ve seen 😱

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank YOU for writing one up and letting me know! I love your answers, you’re the first one to go for multi-coloured hair!

    You’re tattoos have so much meaning behind them, I think it’s beautiful. So many people I’ve come across get a tattoo just because they like the way it look – though, there’s nothing wrong with this either!!! I admire your commitment, its not something I could do!

    Washing bottles is difficult?

    Ooooohhh watermelon, might have to go to the supermarket to buy some :).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I enjoyed answering your questions! I think mermaid hair has to be multi-colored!!

      And thank you I think the only reason I can commit to my tattoos is because they have meaning. I don’t think I could just go and get a random cute one… I might not like it a few years from now.

      Bottles aren’t hard to clean I just do it all day everyday lol it’s more of just a pain to wash them constantly.

      I made myself want watermelon after I said that too!! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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