Le Fleur

Hey beautiful wildflowers! I have been having a hard time finding inspiration to write lately. So instead of trying to come up with a post idea, I decided to create new work to give me something to talk about.

While I’ve been tending to all of the house plants I’ve been collecting- for some time now- I remember how much I am drawn to flowers and plants. It gives me so much gratitude taking care of my plant babies and watching them grow- not as much gratitude, however, as watching my real baby grow. Anyway, so I’ve been really having to prune and water and re-soil a lot of the plants because it’s so warm and sunny in the house, here in the spring.

I’ve been wanting to get back into creating more work, especially since I recently bought some fresh new watercolors! And because I like sharing my new stuff with y’all on the blog!

So here’s my newest! I have been wanting to really focus on my color palette and making it more mature and refined. Really keeping the colors soft and making sure they work well together, with some nice contrast. I used a new technique to make the main image by dipping string in watercolor, then arranging it on the page leaving one end out to pull on the string, and closing my book pulling the string out to make marks.

I took my baby boy to the lake earlier today for a picnic. He loves being outside and since the weather wasn’t unbearably hot I figured we would sit under a nice tree and relax. When we got there, ^^^this is what I had done on this painting as of this morning. I took this picture because sitting under the tree, the way the sun shined through the leaves, inspired my next layer using a thin sharpie. So the above picture is showing you the light traced onto the page. And below is how it came out.

When we got home from the lake, little one went down for a nap and I finished off this piece using my glittery copper acrylic paint to define and fill in the light marks.

^^^ This is the final product. I’m really happy with how my color palette turned out and how my new technique worked! It’s amazing how creating new work for me is a good way to come up with something to talk to y’all about! And as always here are some of my favorite close ups where you can really see all of the layering of watercolor.

I hope y’all enjoy this one! Let me know what you think! And have a wonderful rest of your day or start of your day (wherever you are in the world and whenever you get to reading this).

Sending love and happiness!


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