Le Fleur Rose

Happy Hump Day, beautiful people! I hope your week has been going smoothly, and that those weekend plans are coming along. As I mentioned in Cut Yourself Some Slack, my newest little work was so close to being done for some time now. But, my house has been full of snotting, sneezing and all the other things that come with a sick baby. Anyway, I finally finished it today (YAY!) and couldn’t wait to share it!

I’m thinking of it as a second edition to my Le Fleur piece, which is why this one is named Le Fleur Rose. I’m considering making these part of a mini series, but that’s still under debate.

So this one started very similarly to Le Fleur. I used paint covered string to pull the initial floral shapes. I was really focusing on keeping a sophisticated color palette again and I think I’ve achieved it. I decided to add some dried flowers I had stuck in my sketchbook a while ago and lightly stitch them onto the piece.

I then added some, you guessed it, glitter! Something about working with glitter is so much fun! It adds a little shimmer to the sophisticated palette as well as texture and another color. Not to mention I just LOVE it.

I kept it pretty simple with the line work on this piece, as I didn’t want to cover up too much of the nice watercolor texture I achieved. I mainly wanted to add some lines to create balance and complete the look of the piece.

So this is the completed work ^^^. And below are some close ups that I enjoyed from this work.

I hope y’all enjoyed this one! I’d love to hear your opinions about what you think, or your favorite thing about this work. And if you haven’t yet checked out the first, Le Fleur, please take a look and maybe see how they work (maybe they don’t work together) as the start of a possible mini series. More to come in the future!

Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Peace, Love, Serenity



  1. woah! Haven’t seen pieces like this at all (also i checked out the first one just now and loveloveloved it!!). The color conceptualization is spot on and the glitter really does add the oomph to it. Have to say though, the stitching is definitely my favorite. I think I’ll start stitching stuff to my paintings too. Or canvases. Hmmm. Thanks for sharing this piece. love the creativity x

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    1. Thank you so, so much! You’ve made my day 💕 I love working with many different textures and I’ve always done multimedia work. You should absolutely start including stitching into your work! It can be so subtle or it can really stand out against the piece. Good luck on experimenting!! ✨ let me know how you like it if you get to it!

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    2. Aw no worries at all! My reader needs your creativity hahah. Multimedia work is so so so great, im thinking of venturing into that but i probably should get supplies first heh. THANKYOUUU for introducing me to the stitching thing, like i would never have thought of it ^^

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    3. You’re welcome! I hope you enjoy it! It’s a delicate, meticulous part of making work if you use something other than cloth because I don’t want to rip the paper. I’ve never tried on canvas but I’m sure it’ll be the same, just make sure you have a big enough needle.

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    4. Yes ma’am! Canvas should be easier than paper just because it’s more durable and it’s essentially fabric covered with a coating. But yeah definitely find a good size needle in not sure what needle sizes are lol I’ve been having mine since college and my best friend gave me one.

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    5. I’ll start on paper tho. Gah decisions, decisions! I’ll just google a random pick generator and choose with respect to it’s result, I’ve sewn before so hopefully it wont be too much of an ordeal hahah.

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    6. Yeah it’s not a big thing. Just a little different from your usual. It’s definitely tough to decide how to do it before you start. I usually stitch as one of or the last step. So if you want like a background wash or color or doodle etc you should do it first. I’ve tried to draw around stitching and it just doesn’t come out cohesive. Unless you want that look of course!

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    7. Thanks I appreciate that! I’ve always wondered if other people find it appealing to look at. I wanted simple and clean. I use all of my own photos too and even though they don’t follow a theme, I try to make sure they’re all nice and click worthy!

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